Marie S. Curie Action (MSCA)

The Marie S. Curie Action programme is open to organisations and researchers/staff from all over the world. It is the more ageing programme in Europe, celebrating 25 years in 2017 and 100,000 researchers funded!

Training SessionThere are 4 main different Marie Curie grants available every year, all covered by our training sessions:

  • Innovative Training Networks (ITN): intra-EU Networks providing early-stage training, including Industrial and Joint doctorates
  • Co-funding of Doctoral and Fellowship programmes (COFUND DP and COFUND FP): co-funding of regional, national and international programmes funding doctoral and postdoctoral researchers
  • Research and Innovation Staff Exchange Scheme (RISE): international and inter-sectorial cooperation though research and innovation staff exchange
  • Individual fellowships (IF): supporting experience researchers (post-docs) undertaking mobility

We provide practical guidance as to how submit winning proposals and manage (cancel specific) Marie Curie grants. Some examples are:

How to submit a successful Marie Curie International and Industrial Doctoral and Fellowship Programme

The training entails real exercises on the Innovative Training Network (ITN) and COFUND schemes including how to fill in Part A and to develop Part B contents, financial provisions, co-funding and construction of budget.

Life-long learning and career of researchers

This training focuses on providing useful information to host organisations and researchers, at all stages of their career ladder, as to how submit successful proposals under the Individual Fellowship call (IF), the most famous and old types of financing for human resources undertaking mobility in and outside Europe.

Marie Curie and industry-Academia collaborations

RISE is the dedicated action to foster collaboration within the 2 sectors, hints as to how participate to the annual calls by setting up winning international collaborations will be provided.

Marie Curie Project Management

This training is aimed at project coordinators and project leaders to provide insights on how to work within the consortium, interact with the EC Project Officers (PO), prepare quality check procedures and submit timely deliverables and financial and technical reporting.

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